Quick-Start Program

Quick-Start Program (3-5 sessions)


This comprises three to five sessions, dedicated to igniting real change. Some clients use this to move from a crisis point to a more even keel. Others see it as a powerful way to kick-start a mindset-makeover.

Here, we’ll be building on the foundation of your Clarity Call. We’ll further explore your goals and break them down into manageable tasks and timeframes. We’ll get specific about what areas of your life you want to see change, and what that change looks like to you.

We’ll peel away the distractions, and examine what blocks you have been experiencing until now – be it personal, professional or practical.


You have moved past crisis point, and long shed any feelings of panic. You have cleared a powerful hurdle in your life, and put strategies in place to keep progressing. You have gained clarity on what led you to that point and you are armed with healthier coping mechanisms. A sense of overwhelm has been replaced with a clear perspective and a path forward.

If you’d like to progress beyond Quick-Start, I offer a series of programs with a variety of lengths and scope. This consolidates earlier work and builds on it in powerful and results-driven ways.

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