Transform Your Life (12 months)


Complete this sentence: This time next year, I will …

In choosing this program, you’ve committed to real change, and you’ll reap the benefits of that. You will move from tentatively flirting with change, to applying it and internalizing this transformation. You will define, seek and claim the changes you want to make. Key elements of your life feel in synch. You are empowered, and you harness that power for your highest good. I will hold you accountable in a joyful way, showing you all you have achieved and building on more.


You are continuing to set – and achieve – outrageous goals! And you’re reaching them even faster. You have taken control, and you can see the change. You are not only living your purpose and passion, you are inspiring others around you to do the same. You have stretched yourself beyond what you could have imagined just twelve short months ago. You OWN this new you!

Before you know it, it will be this time, next year! Let’s get STARTED!

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