Reset Your Intentions: Get Your Business Back on Track for 2020

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May 28, 2020
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November 24, 2020

Do you feel like you’ve lost sight of where you are in 2020? You’re not alone! Any plans you set earlier in the year need to be RESET now. COVID-19 has impacted our lives and livelihood in ways we could never have predicted. The workplace has undergone major changes and it will take time for staff and clients to adjust.  Elevated stress levels are creating anxiety and overwhelm both personally and professionally.

Many businesses are busy in their reopening. There are extra safety compliance measures to implement and manage. There is a feeling of pressure to make up for lost time and money. It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of being busy and not spend any time working on your business plan for the rest of the year.

There is FREEDOM in planning.

The truth is that time spent working on the business now can save you time, money and energy later.

“I can’t change the direction of the wind,

but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination”

~Jimmy Dean

Applying the sailing analogy, we are currently sailing in uncharted waters. Although you can’t know or control everything that’s ahead, you can control your own actions. COVID-19 has caused a major disruption to life and thrown us off-course, requiring a reset. A simple business plan for the rest of the year creates structure and a sense of control. It provides a reference point to allow you to check-in with how you’re going and get back on track quickly. It directs your actions and helps you to navigate the challenges that are still ahead. It creates a map for all members of your team to follow.


Intentions are the starting point for all actions you take in your life.

To reset your business intentions for the rest of the year you can follow a few steps:

  • Clarity
    • Get clear on where you are now and where you want to be on 31st December 2020.
    • Understand all of your financials and cash flows
  • Reset your intentions
    • Consider your priorities for your business, personal and family life
    • Remember your purpose and align your actions to your values
  • Take control of what you can
    • Decide what you want to focus on
    • Involve your team in the process
  • Adapt your business to the current changes
    • Look for the opportunities that exist in the current conditions and adjust your business accordingly
    • Consider workplace wellbeing in your return to business
  • Ensure effective communication with team members and clients
  • Your communication strategy is critical.
  • How can you implement small steps e.g. a daily five-minute huddle with your staff at the start of the day?
  • How about a weekly catch-up in the form of an email or newsletter?
  • Personal one-on-one check-ins are important to make team members feel valued and supported.
  • Make a plan for the next six months
    • With all of the unknowns, break down the next six months into two 90-day plans.
    • Create a plan for Quarter 3 and for Quarter 4 (post-Job Keeper).
    • The greatest challenges are still ahead when Job Keeper, rent reductions, loan pauses and other temporary measures cease.

To plan for the future you need to understand what’s ahead and start thinking about how you can mitigate risk in your business. Knowing where you’re going creates certainty and confidence for all. Set yourself up for the long game and reduce your risk of burnout.

Don’t leave it to chance.

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