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The Energy of Money

Financial Stress: Why it’s making you sick
Financial Stress: Why it’s making you sick
December 2, 2017
Do We Really Need Goals
Do We Really Need Goals?
December 2, 2017

Humans have used money as an exchange medium for thousands of years now. Money has two levels of energy and meaning.

At the first level it is a metaphor for survival. If you don’t have money you can’t survive. Most of the middle class living pay to pay, is living at survival level because if something went wrong with their job, their survival becomes threatened. All of your programming about money, and whether you and your family are safe, is built in to the energy about money. Our reality with money will match our family paradigms.

At the second level, money means something else once you go beyond survival. It comes to represent thriving, status and power. It is a means to have more pleasure, prestige and esteem. When you go beyond the first level you start to ask questions based on your family money paradigm such as:
“How powerful am I allowed to be?”
“Is it selfish, wrong or arrogant to have this much power?”
“Does this mean I’ve left my tribe or I’m not spiritual or a good person?”

So money is a metaphor for survival and how powerful you are allowed to be. The more you value yourself – your time and energy – equates to more money. Your inner worth is reflected in your outer worth. Your inner belief in your value leads to confidence, how much you will ask for and what you will step up to do. If you don’t feel worthy and deserving of earning more and having a life of thriving and ease, because you believe you have to work really hard, then you will sabotage your income and money.

That’s why I am so passionate about my work, helping with confidence issues and giving people tools to improve their money situation. I help people uncover their hidden money programming and the limiting beliefs that are holding them back and keeping them stuck. Once uncovered, these old beliefs lose their power, allowing new ways of thinking and operating.